Friday, 15 May 2009

Working in the dark (nearly)

Well, it's been rather weird, and a bit boring, here at work the last day or so. Some of you have probably read about the flood in Tooley Street, well that is right next to us here at Guy's, and it has caused massive power failure. One building is shut, half of another building is shut because of no power and the hospital is now working on a generator, which means that we here that do have power have had to use as little energy as we can. So I am now working in semi-darkness, with all but one light off. Yesterday was the boring day because the flood effected the connectivitity to our computers and we only had access to email and the internet, and ended up either doing lots of filing, reading emails and surfing the net. There is only a certain amount of filing you can do in one day before getting bored with it. Today is better because we now have connection to other programmes on our machines so we can do a bit more work. Hopefully, all will be back to normal on Monday as they are receiving a new generator at the hospital.

Will blog about writing over the weekend.

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