Monday, 11 May 2009

Promotion success

Well, I had some success with promotion over the weekend. Firstly I went to a library and they willingly took some of my promotional materials and a book, then I went to a Holland and Barrett's and the manager said no. He's not a nice person apparently and Mum told me not to let him put me off, so I'm not and going to try another store next weekend. Then we went to Greenwich and to the organic store we shop in and they took some of my materials and a book which I promptly signed for them. Then it was back to a health store we shop in weekly and I was allowed to post up a couple of flyers on their notice board. Success! Oh yes, I also went into a Waterstones in Greenwich and was brave enough to ask about book signings. Was given a name and number to phone today and will do so later.

Next week will be 2 more libraries and another Holland and Barretts.

The email invites to my launch went out last week and the postal ones I have been told probably last Friday, so people should have received them all by tomorrow. Can't wait. I am excited about it but my Mum is worried for me in case hardly anyone comes and it's a let down for me. I am trying not to think like that.

Must get on with some work.


Nell Dixon said...

Good for you for getting out there and promoting! You can never tell with launches and signings how many people can come. The main thing is to enjoy it - it's a celebration and sales, though nice, are secondary - this is your moment in the sun so enjoy!

Julie Day said...

Thanks Nell. I will enjoy it. So far haven't had any luck with getting signings, have been told by another children's author that in this current climate it will be hard to do but I will persist. You should get your prize tomorrow.