Sunday, 3 May 2009

Blog competition Day 2

Hi, Rosie here again. There's my creator Julie above, holding book about me. So, where was I? Oh yes. Things were getting hot at school. In PE, I worked out a new merit scheme to get everyone involved in my campaign. Then I found out that my enemy was none other than my geograpy teacher, Mr Summers, and he had a helper who looked very familiar to me. I made her come to her senses with a power of mine. When Mr Summers turned the heat up, so did we and my team and I got together with the teachers.
At the weekend, my team and I went shopping and had a meeting to plan competitions, including getting my aunt Lucy involved.
The second week started with a war on the enemy and he took the challenge by trying to undermine my teams' consciences. I thought I was starting to win the battle but enemy told me otherwise by email.
Then after a lot of thinking about what we had all eaten, I believe I knew what the cure was.
So, it's all happening now.
Did you take all that in? Hope so, because here's another question: Who is my enemy?
Again, put your answer in the comment box and Julie will ask for your snail mail to send you my book and a surprise.
See you tomorrow.


jet said...

Hi Julie

Your enemy is the geography teacher! Aren't they always.

Good luck with the launch


jet said...

Me again. Should I have mentioned that he's called Mr Summers? Wonder who his helper is.