Friday, 8 May 2009

Promoting myself

I have been busy promoting myself and my book Rosie this week. I got all my promo materials on Tuesday, which were bookmarks, flyers and posters. Yesterday I put some flyers out here in my area and on the floor below where I know, on the way home I popped into my clinic and dropped off a flyer there. They said they'll give it to the manager to have a look at and decide but was sure that it would be OK to post up. Today I went to another building here at work where I know the staff and the students walk through and put up 2 flyers and displayed one with a couple of bookmarks. Have 2 more buildings here at work to approach and will do that next week. I have also offered to do an interview with someone on a website and waiting to hear from the person for the questions to reply to.

Tomorrow I will be visiting one of my local libraries, a Holland and Barretts to ask about displaying my promo materials, then onto Greenwich and my organic shop and ask them. Will let you know over the weekend how I get on.

Well, get back to filing now. Watch this space...

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