Saturday, 27 July 2013

Elite Marketing Pro - a fantastic opportunity to learn about marketing

Some of you have probably found out that I have been messaging you personally on Facebook about Elite Marketing Pro, wanting you to join. If you have any sort of internet business, be it publishing ebooks (like me) or selling items as a company then you need to read this.

Why Internet Marketing is a Pipe Dream

It makes me mad to say it...
But for most people, internet marketing and creating multiple streams of income is nothing but a pipe dream.
Because the "system" is rigged and the odds are stacked way against you when you follow the conventional "guru" advice.
It's designed to keep you stuck, struggling and dependent on THEIR next bright shiny object like a heroine addict in need of a fix.
Feels good for a moment, but it's slowly killing you.
You know how to AVOID these landmines that can go off anytime.
It's all outlined in the report I told you about the other day.
Did you read it?
If not, then stop what you're doing.
Go download this and read right now.>>><<<
Your business life and the size of your bank account depend on it.
Here's the link again. >>><<<
My best,
I am still learning different ways to market myself from this. You can too.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A publishing experiment - KDP Select

When I first started my indie publishing career with 'The Railway Angel' I told myself the best way to reach as many readers as I wanted was to publish it across all the digital platforms as possible. I have been doing this ever since, but this year, when I get to publish 'The Snakeskin Boots' I am going to experiment.  I have been hearing good and bad things about KDP Select. So I decided I shall give it a try myself to see what all the fuss is about and if it works for me. I have a while yet before 'Boot's is ready to go because I have just got the second edits back from my editor and have lots of thinking and editing to do. Then I shall send it to her again for a final edit. I plan now to publish it early August.

When I publish it on Amazon, I shall blog here. Then after say a month, I shall blog with results of what is happening. I seem to earn more from Smashwords, but it looks as though I get more downloads on Amazon. We shall see. The rest of my ebooks I will continue to publish everywhere.

Watch this space...

Let me know if you have used KDP Select, and what results you got. I will categorise Boots as urban fantasy I think.

Look forward to what others have to say about it.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Elite Marketing Pro - What it has done for me.

A couple of months ago I entered a new business venture: attraction marketing called Magnetic Sponsoring, Elite Marketing Pro being one of their products. I first went into it on their 10 day trial for $10 (about £8). As from a previous post, you can read that I got three leads from that period, which amazed me. I was then going to exit it out of it, but read that you can get results if you stay in it. So I stayed for another month. Then I took a gamble and decided to stay for a whole year paying a lot more money. I am pleased that I did, because not only have I learnt a lot, but things are just hotting up there, with EMP about to go into real business - it has only been in beta mode until now. If you have seen any of my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc (I've been getting about), you will have seen me promote it. If you have and still not sure what to do about it, here is my take on what I have learnt from being an affiliate of EMP.

1. I first went into it as a possible way to earn residual money to support my writing. I haven't earned any yet but it's early days since I started my new campaign (another post). But I have learned something else - how to brand myself using FB and PInterest (another post) from an idea from Rebecca Woodhead (fantastic coach). This will be a special document for anyone who joins my team.

2. The other thing I have learned is that it is a great team of marketers I belong to, and they are always inspiring and encouraging us newbies that we can do it if we try. I have made a few online friends there, and really like being on the FB group. You can too, if you join now.

3. It has given me the courage to possibly try new ways to market myself and my brand. Eg FB ads and videos (yet to do that but will soon). As someone with Asperger's Syndrome, I find it hard to communicate with people inc on the phone, but last week on a coaching phone session with Rebecca Woodhead, I spoke lots about marketing. My mum said to me afterward that she's not heard me talk so much. I replied I can if it's something to do with what I like doing eg writing.

So, if you have heard all the buzz about EMP on the net and not sure about it, go for it. I did, and have made friends, learnt more about myself and marketing and how I can help others. This is the main reason I am staying in EMP because I want to help others with marketing, esp online being an indie author of ebooks I know some about it. So, come and join a great team. Have fun, make friends, learn about marketing. See you at

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Book review - Colin Fischer by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz

In my research about Asperger's and how others see it, I begun to read books/ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction, about children with Asperger's/autism. One of the ebooks I have read is Colin Fischer about a teenage boy with Asperger's who solves a mystery at his school. I jotted down notes on similarities between Colin and myself, and here are my notes.

School subjects - when Colin works on a school topic he really goes into it and does research. I did this at school. One topic I remember doing was about sealife world. I wrote lots about it and even stuck in little cards with pictures of sealife to show the subject more.

Another thing was Colin hates PE. I did, too. I was always the last one to be picked in a team and I never was able to catch a ball.

Colin is picked on at school for being different. I was too. Spoiler alert. At the end of the book, he has made friends with one of his bullies. This can be said the same with me. A girl at school, esp in history, always threw things at me when she sat behind me. She later apologised to me, and is now my one and only friend I have I still see.

I like reading these books, as it tells me how others see what children with Asperger's/autism are like. From what I've read so far, it is accurate. So well done, Ashley and Zack.

Have you read any books featuring children or adults with Asperger's or autism? Let me know if you have and what you thought of them. I have a few others I have read and will review on here.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Mouthwash - a healthy alternative to after dinner mints?

Last week I went to the dentist and saw a dental hygiene student. She told me that I shouldn't use my mouthwash in the evening after cleaning my teeth but to use it during the day and after meals. This got me thinking. Usually after meals, esp lunch and dinner, I have a Murray mint to freshen my breath like an after dinner mint. These are sweets and are v sugary, so not good for the teeth. I thought what about using my mouthwash instead, it has a minty taste to it. Also, mouthwash you don't actually swallow, you spit it out so it doesn't stick to your teeth like sugar does. So, once all my mints have gone, I am going to do an experiment and try using the mouthwash as an after meal refresher and see how it goes. I think it can be a good thing as mouthwash gets rid of some plaque, which usually stays there after eating. Shall let you know how I got.

Do any of you out there use mouthwash after meals? If you do, let me know how it goes.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

New business plan for new business venture

If you have read this blog before you will know that I have begun a new venture - attraction marketing it is called. So far I have 3 leads but no commissions yet, but I am working on it. Which is why I now am working on a business plan, inspired by a suggestion from Rebecca Woodhead. Thanks, Rebecca. It started yesterday when I upgraded to the annual level of Magnetic Sponsoring and its companies. Now I have to get promoting. So, here is my plan (only in my mind but will write it down later). Once a week, starting with this blog, I will aim to promote my business to others somehow in a major way whilst still messaging on FB. This includes learning how to do a FB ad and how to make videos of myself now I have got the Webcam working on my laptop.

Now that I have been upgraded, there are more higher level products to advertise. For instance, if you want to be great at blogging and want to get leads to it try
Or, if you want to learn how to be a better marketer you can check out Now on offer at a reasonable price.
For other products where you can learn how to build good relationships with customers, there is 'My Affiliate Page' on my website.
Come and learn with a team led by someone special and different - me. I have Asperger's Syndrome and this is a challenge for me to be a leader. Let's be challenged together.