Friday, 22 January 2016

Writing diary - Week 3

Here is how I am going.

Saturday - Author biz content day. I was going to go to the first RNA London meeting of the year, but had so much going on during the week I chose not to go. So I worked on content instead. I continued working on m client's picture book stories. I also wrote and typed up more exercises for the writing exercise ebook I am planning to publish, hopefully, later this year. I also had time later in the day to work on the pocket novel. Word count is now 45,219.

Sunday - Worked on the pocket novel and short story.

Monday - Was due to meet author client but he postponed the day before due to snow. So in the morning I had to take something to the hospital then went on to shopping. Had time to work on the pocket novel - word count is now 45,248. Finished editing the short story.

Tuesday - Had first blood test of the week this morning. Getting used to needles now. Typed up new Xmas story. Word count is 494 words.

Wednesday - Author biz day. Worked on finishing my client's picture ebooks, inc adding activities that children can do that are related to the stories. Wrote up in a pad the list of the ebooks that will be in the series. Also, emailed my lists with newsletter about tenses with an exercise. Later on I worked on the pocket novel as getting so near to the end of it. Word count is now 45,487.

Thursday - Had second blood test of the week. (This one for the hospital and my IBS). Worked on pocket novel, Wrote more of the Xmas story now called 'The Magic Wand'. I also emailed a letter to Writing Magazine about retreats.

Friday (today) - No blood tests! Hurrah. Finished a new chapter I started writing for the pocket novel. This concludes the sub plot in it. Wrote more of the Xmas story. Later I shall type up more of the PN.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Writing diary - Week 2

Starting Saturday

Saturday - This is a business day when I work on content. So I typed up and wrote more exercises for the writing exercise book I have been working on.

I blogged on my biz blog about view points.

I also worked on the pocket novel. Word count now 44,124

Sunday - Finished writing the Xmas story.

I typed up more of 'Checkmate' the pocket novel. Word count now 44,891.

Typed up rest of Xmas story. Word count is 2220.

Monday - Only worked in the morning because I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon.

Wrote more of the Pocket Novel.

Added scene to Xmas story. Also wrote out a character description sheet for it, which helped me realise something about the story.

Tuesday - Wrote some more of the pocket novel. Getting near the end.

Edited Xmas story. It's now 1982 words.

Wednesday - Not a lot of work done today as I had a dental appointment which took all morning. Had a large filling done. Tired me out. Only managed to analyse a story from Take a Break's Fiction Feast mag. Have been doing this all week to work out what they like publishing, the format, sentence length etc.

Thursday - Typed up more of Checkmate. Word count going down as I have been deleting scenes as well as adding. Today it finally reached over 45K; it's now 45,267.

Edited story. Now 1985 words. Now that I have worked out what makes a womag short story, I feel I am more confident in writing them. I write and type them up, then I write out a character description sheet and change and add things to make it good.

Friday (today) - Typed up another chapter of Checkmate. Word count gone down to 45,187.
Just edited and added lots to another womag story I wrote during November's NaNoWriMo. But also deleted the ending, so it's now fewer words than it started out as at 783. I wrote out a character description sheet first, which helped me find out what I needed to add, and still do.

That's my writing life for this week.

Friday, 8 January 2016

My writing diary - Week 1

I have been reading an ebook by Monica Leonelle where she has written a blog diary about her writing life and how much she writes during the day. So, I thought I might start one, too, beginning with this week. I know the week hasn't finished yet.

I write in 30 minute blocks because that is all my brain can take with writing in one go.

Day 1 - Sunday
Typed up changes to story called 'Alarm Bells'. This story is now on hold while I think about it some more, as I am not used to writing romance.

Typed up more of the pocket novel called 'Checkmate' and printed off another couple of chapters. Word count at time to typing was 44484, but after revising it had up to 44625.

Day 2 - Monday
Cleaning first thing.
I put 'Alarm Bells' on the story blog, and it was the comments I got on that that made me decide to put it aside for now.
Started writing first Xmas story. This is aimed at the People's Friend. 395 words.
Revised more 'Checkmate' and because I deleted a scene, it has now gone down to 44146.

Day 3 - Tuesday
Wrote more of the Xmas story. Typed that up later in the day. Word count now 514.
Wrote more of 'Checkmate;

Day 4 - Wednesday (business/author day)
I emailed my lists about points of view with an exercise.
I read my author client's second picture book story and added another scene.
I read his first story and matched up the illustrations with where I asked for them.
Later, I had time to work on the Xmas story. Word count is now 899

Day 5 - Thursday
Wrote more of the Xmas story.
Put on another short story to the story blog.
Typed up Xmas story additions. Word count is now 1458.

Day 6 - Friday (today)
Wrote more of the Xmas story.
Emailed an article to editor of an emagazine.
Listened to two podcasts of 1st module to a course.
Wrote some more of the story.
If I have time later, I might write more as it's near the end of it.
Read comments for the second story I put on the story blog, and now have a lot of thinking to do.

Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 Writing goals

So, here is my main writing goals for this new year. Where did 2015 go?

1. To finish the pocket novel I have been rewriting since last October, get it professionally edited, then send it to the editor of My Weekly Pocket Novels. I feel I am on my way with this one, as I am adding a lot to the plot still and getting near the ideal word count of 50K.

2. Continue writing short stories aimed at the women's magazines. Get at least 5 accepted for publication. This one runs over from last year. I have 4 stories out there already; two with The Weekly News, 1 with Woman's Weekly, and 1 with Take a Break's Fiction Feast. I am currently rewriting another aimed for People's Friend, and have another nearly finished for Yours. I am happier about writing these as I found a blog esp for womag writers to put their stories on there for feedback. I have learnt to go with what I have been told by these writers as most of them have been successful with their stories. The one I'm revising now is from their comments about it on the blog.

3. Finish 'Geraldine's Gem's' series. Have one more ebook to write and publish, which I plan to do soon.

4. Possibly start publishing my Asperkids series of ebooks. Want to give the first one 'Billy' a few tweaks before getting it edited. Have ideas on what I want to do with this.

5. Finish 'Mermaid' trilogy. Plan to do this as well later this year.

6. Start publishing my children's ebooks that aren't in print, into print, starting with 'Railway Angel'. This was decided last year when my client told me that his granddaughter likes my books and wanted more of them. So, I will do.

7. Might publish the 'Angels' series as a box set at a cheap price.

8. Starting next week, I am going to record in my new diary planner what I write and type each day, then blog about it all the following week. A public record you could say.

I have a special diary planner to write all these down.

So, what are you writing goals for 2016? Let me know and maybe we can be accountable to each other. Good luck.