Saturday, 2 May 2009

Blog Party & Competition Day 1

Hi, I'm Rosie Sullivan (that's me above outside my school), and I have a story to tell you. I thought I went to an ordinary school, taught by ordinary teachers and no one but my family knew about my healthy eating plans, but I was wrong. It all began one Monday.
First, the hurdles were shrunk by our PE teacher, then my French teacher was nice to me, I got an email warning me about eggs in ICT, and then in maths I fell ill with a headache and burning eyes and got a premonition of boys coming into the classroom and throwing eggs. If you thought that was weird, then my math's teacher, Mr Holroyd, told me that it all be fine and it was my time. Time for what?
Then came Tuesday. My dad revealed it was my time for me to help others. Girls started falling asleep and having stomach pains, then I discovered I had powers as well as teachers, to help the sick girls. An assembly was held and our Head, Mrs Zabberwol, told me that I was the only one who could find the cure.
Wednesday proved more of the same. More girls fell ill. Then I heard Mrs Zabberwol tell my HE teacher to test me. I sorted out healthy eating plans for the girls I had taken under my wings and found skipping was a good exercise to get teams together. Then I discovered I had another power. The day ended when I found out that someone was interfering with my plans to help the girls, who were now part of my team of helpers.
Now, did you take all that in? You did, good. Then I will ask you a question. Who told me it was my time?
Give Julie your answer in the comment box and if you get it right, she will ask you for your snail mail address and send you a copy of her book all about me with a surprise. Good luck. I will be back tomorrow with more news and another question. Byee.


Dulcinea Norton-Smith said...

ooo, ooo, pick me Miss!

It was Mr Holroyd the Maths teacher!

Good luck at your launch party Julie. I can't imagine how excited you are and the book looks great


Lesley Cookman said...

Good luck with the launch party, Julie. You deserve success after all this hard work.

Julie Day said...

Dulcie - Please could you email me your snail mail addie so I can send you your prize. Look forward to hearing from you.

PS I wouldn't mind being interviewed by you on Suite101. More publicity the better I think.