Sunday, 17 May 2009

Possible book signing?

Well,I went on the promotional trail again on Saturday, this time to Catford. I went to Holland and Barrett and the manager couldn't have been so different to the one at Lewisham. He was nice and friendly, and even took a couple of flyers from me. One success. Then I went to the library and they were very happy to see me as they said that I'd come at the right time and was bang online with what they were doing. They are currently promoting healthy eating in youngsters so my book was perfect. They took some promo stuff from me and a book, and then I asked about either doing a talk or a signing. They said that was fine, I gave them a business card, with my home no on the back, and they said their marketing people will get on to me about doing something. I am getting known. Hurrah. So, in case I have to do a talk, this afternoon I drafted a talk about high cholesterol and what it can cause, stroke and how strokes can affect you and your family, mainly about what happened to my dad and how it affected us. I haven't quite finished it yet, there's still a last touch to it so I get the audience to participate. Next week will be another library and the bookshop. Will let you know what happens there.

Meanwhile I am writing up the reference section for the back of Allie. Had a minor panic when I couldn't find some papers I needed but found them in another folder. I am practicing reading from Rosie for the launch. If it comes after the library thing then it will be good practice for me later on.

This is it for now. Be back later on in the week.


B.H. Dark said...

Good luck with your promotion, Julie! It's hard but it has to be done.

I agree with what the Waterstone's person told you, that it's hard to guarantee success with a signing. My first signing was pretty much a non-event, and this was for my fourth book. Even with press coverage in the local papers and on the radio, very few people turned up especially except for my friends.

I'm having another signing next month, but I'm hoping it will go better because I'm better known locally. Still, it's hit or miss. Library talks on the other hand go down a treat. Good luck with everything.

B.H. who is really Julie Cohen

Julie Day said...

Thanks Julie. It is hard work but am enjoying it in a way. I have now got the local press involved. They phoned me earlier today and will be sending a photographer to take a pic of me and my book tomorrow. Excited, moi?