Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The proomotional trail

I am still trying to promote myself. I have started to phone local bookshops, after being told by Waterstones in Greenwich that for new authors book signings don't do well, and that is in any of their stores. You have to be a big name like Darren Shan. I phoned one local shop yesterday and spoke to a very helpful lady who told me what Waterstones did that signings are hit and miss for any author. She said that they could do a big display of my book and promote hugely as being written by a local author and asked me to pop in to chat about it. I then said that if I had a signing then I would advertise it widely including contacting the local press and she said, well. I will be visiting them on Saturday 23rd May to chat about what they can do for me. I phoned another bookshop today and the man I spoke to said that my book is on their list but they want sent to them info about the book so they can decide whether to stock it or not, no mention of displaying. So I emailed Pegasus if they could do that for me and they have replied they will do so. That's all I can do for now. I will be visiting another local area at the weekend where another bookshop is and if I can find it will possibly pop in and ask them what they can do for me in the way of promotion. Watch this space...


Dulcinea Norton-Smith said...

Keep at it Julie. The difference between success and failure is perseverance. You are doing really well.
Enjoy yourself!
Congrats on Rosie

Julie Day said...

Thanks Dulcie. Although I get nervous doing it, I am enjoying it in a way which is strange for me as I'm usually a shy person. A good thing has come out of this though and that's I am making new friends on the web, you for example. It is great.