Monday, 29 October 2007

Dancing Shocker

Well, who watched Strictly last night and got a shock at the results? I certainly did and still can't get over who was voted off the show. To me, it should've been Kate and Kenny in the dance off with Kate going but oh no, the viewers chose Penny and Gaby and Gaby got voted out. She was one of the best dancers on the show and look at what's happened. All I can say is that Kate must have so many followers or sympathisers out there for her. I want Aleesha to win it cos she is so good and Matt was very impressive too. He is totally the opposite to his character Deano in 'Enders. Well, that's enough about the dancing.

I bought a few clothes at the weekend including a pair of jog pants, which I couldn't believe. I have so much trouble with buying those sort of things cos I have short legs and most trousers/leisure pants are too wide, baggy and long for my legs, but these ones although are a bit long they are not too long and the waist is just fine for me at a size 12.

I typed up the amendments to Chapter 1 of Bug on Saturday and will hopefully get to read them aloud today, if not tomorrow. And start Chapter 2 this week too.

Well, must go now and start working.

Friday, 26 October 2007


It's gone. Got home last night to see the yellow notice flat on the ground and no tree stump. Hooray. Didn't think I'd see the day. I think they will be back to smooth the path where it was and remove the notice.

I didn't work on Bug yesterday because I was on my own again and feeling tired and didn't feel like writing. Don't think I will today but will start afresh on Monday with Chapter 2 revisions. Will type up Chapter 1 amendments tomorrow as said before, and probably do Chapter 3 revisions next week too.

Must get on with work now and seem busy.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Truly Stumped

Following on from the post called I'm stumped, I am relaying what is going on to happen. Last night when I got home from work, my mum asked me "Have you seen the notice on the tree?" I replied no, and went and had a look...and lo and behold there was a yellow council notice saying that major works will be happening on 25th October (tomorrow) and no one should park around the marked lines. Yes, I thought, hooray, they are going to remove the rest of the tree, something both my mum and I didn't think would happen. I shall believe it when I see it, or rather not see it in this case.

I am now busy revising Bug and have revised Chapter 1 and will do Chapter 2 tomorrow, then type up the amendments on Saturday and read them out to myself next week. Sunday I intend to type up Chapter 13 or some of it. I have quite a bit to revise due to new information from my colleague's daughter who has told me which classes she has with her tutor group, and this now changes things what I've already written.

Well, I'm on my own today and thankfully only half an hour to go before home time. Can't wait to get home and relax. Tomorrow night I am going to watch the Richard and Judy children's book programme which has Jacqueline Wilson and Anthony Horowitz on. I am interested to know what interests children these days to know what to write myself.

Well, must go now. Be back soon with news on the stump and how my writing is going.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Going Organic

Well, I watched the second of the toxic programmes and must say it was still very interesting and pretty scary watching what children use these days. One girl, whom was 15, used to take up to 3 hours to get herself ready in the mornings and wouldn't go out without wearing her make up, but she had to in the end because she was put on a toxic detox and said afterwards that she felt a lot better. The toothpaste she was given was one that I'd already bought and I'm not too keen on the taste of it. I was shocked to see how much deodorants boys use to attract girls, and one was 8. I think what shocked me the most was to learn that all the products you use on your skin which can be harmful, can get into your bloodstream, and if you're a new mother and are breastfeeding, those toxics can then transfer into your baby's body.

A few week's ago I found out that So Organic ( Ltd have opened a shop in Greenwich and yesterday my mum and I went there and found it. And boy did we both have a happy, enjoyful and successful shopping spree in there. That shop is great. It has everything in it that you can think of. Toiletries for women, men and baby, and they have cosmetics and household stuff such as towels etc. They also have recycled stationery, which I am pleased about. My mum spent a lot of money and I spent a hell of a lot of money, and we both got free gifts. A free organic cotton bag and 2 little soaps. Needless to say we are definitely going back there. Most of the things we bought were Christmas presents, as well as a few niceties for ourselves. I have thought of a few more things for Christmas I can get there. The staff there were very friendly and I have discovered a balm that can be used for noses, bums and feet it's so good. I've tried it on my nose and it's fine and doesn't sting. I wanted it for both colds and piles. So that's good. One thing the woman staff said was that following the toxic programmes shown on tv recently they had had a surge of interest in the toothpaste.