Wednesday, 20 May 2009

In the press

Well, things are happening fast for me here. If you remember back in March I went to the Vitality Show and put my name down as a case study for York Test. Well, they phoned me last week and had a long chat with the man about food intolerances and how I've been doing. Then I mentioned my book. At the end he said he was going to contact somebody in my local area about it. And that happened yesterday. A man from the South London Press phoned me and chatted about my book, what is what about and why I wrote it and food intolerances and said that he would be writing a piece on me and my book and wanted to take a photo of me and it could they send a photographer to me. I said yes, and today at 11.45am (my lunch time) a photographer is coming to meet me here at work to take a photo of me, which is why I am now dressed up a bit at work. Pegasus said this is excellent and I will be sending them a copy of it once it's out, as well as family and others who may want it.

Oh yes, nearly forgot. I also found out yesterday that there is only one copy left in stock on Amazon, so if you want a copy now act quick.

That's my news for now. Be back later this week when I've been visiting other places. Back to work now.


Nell Dixon said...

How lovely! Congratulations - make sure you keep a clipping in a scrapbook.

Julie Day said...

Oh I will Nell, you can be sure of that. Will probably buy out the newsagents when it comes out, which I've been told is next Tuesday.