Sunday, 24 May 2009

Another signing?

Promotion yesterday went quite well. I first went to another library who took some promotional material and a book from me. I asked them about possibly doing a signing and whether it was worth it asking them as I'd already organised one with another library in the area. They said yes it is worth it as they all are doing promotion for healthy eating. I left my business card with them and they will get back to me on what they can offer me. I said it will have to be late June or July. Then I went on to a local bookshop. They also took some materials from me and a book but were too busy organising an arts festival to offer a signing but would display my promotional materials and book and hope it would sell. If it does then they might stock the book on a sales and return basis. I hope so. Next week I will visit another library.

Today I read a few chapters of Allie, revised the synopsis and revised my talk on cholesterol and strokes. I hope to get the synopsis finalised by next week to send to Pegasus. Meantime, I am due to be in the South London Press paper on Tuesday, so if you live in the south London area and see the paper pick up a copy. I am buying dozen or so for family, friends and promotion purposes, and one for my promotion folder.

Be back next week after I've been in the paper.

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