Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Results - getting somewhere

Well, I saw the dr yesterday about my test results. He seems to think that my cortisol level is all stress-related, and I should think about reducing my stress levels. My mum said for me to give up work and I said I wish. Honestly though, at times I do wish I could give up work and concentrate properly on my writing. My cortisol level had actually gone down from last time so he seemed to think like the other dr that it wasn't the cause of my problems. He was going to contact the dr here I saw about Endocrine but decided to wait and see what my next test reveals - yes, I am to have yet another blood test. Thankfully it's during the holiday, New Year's Eve, so I don't have to worry about taking time off work for that and can relax at home as it's holiday. There is also another possibly for it. My thyroid. I haven't been tested for that, although I thought I had, so that's been put on the test form. We shall see. Watch this space. Following the news that the dr believes my high cortisol level is down to stress, I have already made one new year's resolution for next year. To not get stressed out so much, esp with family and at work. I know that I have been acting defensive and a bit aggressive towards my mum at times, which she has recently pointed out to me, and I want to try to fix that. Maybe if I relax a bit more and the body doesn't stress too much, my eczema will calm down and go. I might even do some relaxation exercises, perhaps yoga to help me stay calm. We shall see.

My work on Bug is progressing hard and nicely. I have now revised Chapter 11 and just need to read aloud Chapter 10 and 11. I managed to finish typing the rest of the first draft on Saturday and printed off Chapter 13, and will print Chapter 14 this weekend. Hopefully over the holiday I shall finish it entirely and get it ready to send to agents in the new year. I already have a draft query letter which I did as part of the Writing for Children course I did, and need to slightly adjust that for each agent I wish to write to. Sunday I typed up the animal story and think I just need to read that through and make some improvements. Once I've done that I shall start typing up the novella I want to target e-publishers with. I plan to be busy with writing projects over the break, so that in the new year I can start concentrating on my RS novel, Forgotten Memories, which now I know where I'm heading with that I'm looking forward to getting back with it.

I probably will be here again before Christmas, but would like to wish all readers here and my friends and acquaitances a Happy Christmas.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Still high

I was off sick on Wednesday due to being very tired and worn out - it was one of my bad days. While I was off at home, I phoned the clinic and got my last test results. My cortisol level is still raised and was told to see a dr, which I will be doing on Monday. Knowing now that it's still high, I am convinced that all this tiredness and getting up during the night is all down to the adrenal glands. Cortisol is the hormone that the adrenal glands produce to regulate water, mineral and stress balances, and I have 2 out of 3 not balanced. I just want to sort this out and hope that the dr can do so on Monday. I just hope that this isn't something that will lead to a longer illness such as ME (or chronic fatigue syndrome as it's called now). My aunt says that how I have been feeling this year with tiredness is how her daughter started with ME. Fingers crossed I don't have it. My aunt also said that she felt I should take some time off work to rest. I wish, I wish, I wish. At least I have the Christmas break in 2 weeks time so have time then to rest.

I am working hard on Bug. I have revised chapters 8 - 10 this week and will type those amendments up over the weekend. On Sunday I plan to type up an animal story for the animal small press magazine I subscribe to.

I am so longing for the weekend now. I am tired and just want to go home. Only 11 minutes to go before I can pack up and leave here. Not shopping tomorrow. Finished my Christmas shopping last weekend, and now have to wrap the presents up. My mum's presents should take the longest because I've got her lots of little presents and a couple of big ones, that's why I have left hers to last to do.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Goals for 2008

I have already made up some goals to reach for 2008, but I have changed one slightly. When I went to the RNA SE London Xmas lunch the other week I told one person my goals and this is what they are.
1. To finish Bug and send it to a critigue service. This is what has changed. I have been reading my home email loops on children's writing and read that people are sending their mss to agents. Also, my stars said yesterday to have more faith in myself, so instead of sending the book for critique I am going to send it to an agent or two. I have almlost finished typing up the first draft and am now revising Chapter 9 and probably 10 this week. I still have to print chapters 12-14 and will do that over the Xmas break and sort out the synopsis too.
2. While that's at an agent, I will type up a novella I have already written and started typing and will try to get that e-published. I have an e-publisher in mind for that.
3. Once I've done that I will work on Forgotten Memories and finish that and try to get that e-published by the same e-publisher I have in mind.

Watch this space.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Rosie's story continued

Hi, Rosie here again. I've been away because Julie has been making my story more entertaining and fun to read for you readers out there. But I'm back now and this is where I get excited.

Last time we spoke I said there's a plan afoot, and the plan was to have a combined team and family meeting to discuss how to defeat the enemy. First of all though my team and I went shopping and something one of the girls said the day before gave me an idea for lunch. To buy something new they hadn't tried yet. That was hard for me because I had tried most of the healthy stuff and then in the last shop something I hadn't tried appeared from nowhere. Someone's powers were at work. It turned out to be mum's although she denied it at first. Aunt Lucy met us from our shopping and took us home. We had lunch and then our meeting. We discussed what the team and I had decided and then dad tells me I have one more power to find, as if I haven't got enough. Everyone was partnered with a teacher whom I knew to be on my side and then we would discuss it with the teachers and Mrs Zabberwol on Monday. Now that we had a plan and strategy for the week ahead, we all said the same thing. Bring it on!