Sunday, 28 June 2009

New promo chances

I went to another library yesterday to see if they could display some of my book promo materials. The receptionist said that the woman I needed to see wasn't in but gave me her email address. I am sure she said that this woman is the Head of the Children's libraries in Bromley. Anyway, I emailed her today asking if we could meet up to chat about promoting my book. I am still waiting to hear from the other Head of Children's libraries in my borough. Left a message on her ansamachine on Friday. I also went to another Holland and Barrett's but they said I have to contact their Head Office, which I might do.

Then yesterday whilst reading my emails, I found 2 emails from the editor of Crystal, one of the small press magazines I subscribe to. She wanted me to let her know asap my news, which I did do, and wanted permission to print off my website the page about Rosie. I gave her permission. She wants to put it in the next issue of the magazine so it will be circulated. Who knows, I might get more sales from that. This gave me the idea to email the editor of the other small press magazine I subscribe to. So I emailed her with my successful news. That magazine is based in Cyprus and has a more global circulation, so who knows what can come of that. All I have to do now is sit and wait. Mum said to me why can't I let it sell on its own now. I don't want to and want to carry on promoting it for the next 2 months at least. I feel that if I do that, then Pegasus might see how serious I am about promotion and take me on again with a normal contract for Allie.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My library talk

Well, I had my first library talk and how did it go? I think it went quite well, although I feel that I did bore the school girls a bit. I had an audience of 4 school girls, the library youth worker and 2 female police officers and the man working on a laptop behind them. I think the girls were more interested in the fat causing strokes side of my talk, so that is what I will concentrate on more when I do another talk. Although I didn't get to sell any books, no one had money on them, I gave out my free dried fruit anyway, as well as my bookmarks and postcards. After the talk I answered a couple of questions and we got chatting about strokes and healthy eating, which I found went better than the talk. The library worker is Afro Carribean and she said that a couple of her relatives have had strokes and she has found she's got high cholesterol so has had to relook at her diet. I told her that I'd read that people of her background are at higher risk of strokes and that. I am pleased that I did the talk as it was good experience, and I now know what I can improve on and what I need to talk about more. I would like to do more library events but think I will gear them to more question and answers and general discussion about writing and healthy eating as I felt that went better than the talk. I will be visiting another library this weekend to see if they can promote my book and maybe get something there.

Now to get working on my 3rd book.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Writer's News

A couple of weeks ago I emailed Writers' News magazine with my success story. I got a reply back saying that they have a big backlog and would get a member of staff to write the news up. I didn't think more of it, until Monday. I got an email from the Assistant Editor saying that she was writing an article for the Members News page about my book and asking me a few more questions. I wrote them out and replied yesterday attaching an image of the cover. So hopefully in the next issue I will be in there. Will put it on my website when I see it.

Must get on with work now.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Rosie and Allie

This week I have managed to sell the 6 out of 8 books I took to work. Only 2 more to go before I've sold the whole box I was sent of 23. I have already opened the other box of 27 as one of my aunts whom my mum sent the paper article to wrote to me asking for a copy. Hurray another sale I thought. So Mum has sent that off. I hope to sell some of the box at the talk later this month. Will let you know how that goes.

I got an email from Pegasus during the week acknowledging receipt of Allie and saying that it will now go forward for further consideration for their lists. Be patient as it could be a lengthy process due to the amount of work they've taken on recently. So another several weeks before I know if they want the rest of it or not. I still have one reference page to type up for it which I will do during my holiday in two week's time.

Meantime I have almost finished writing up the talk. I have decided to add about food intolerances too as something I know about. I tested it out yesterday and it only came to 11 minutes and I'm supposed to be talking for 30 mins. So hopefully now it will at least be double that time with the added info.

Well, I am now going to try to put the photos of my launch on my website. Ho hum...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Allie's gone

I sent the first 3 chapters of Allie to Pegasus on Monday, so that baby has now gone for consideration. Hopefully they will get it today if they didn't yesterday. So now I have a few weeks wait to hear from them if they like it enough to want it as well as Rosie. Meantime, I have started to work out Georgina's story. I have written out her timetable, who her teachers are and now am working out what magical powers to give her to help the girls and the school. I'm already looking forward to writing this story.

I am going to start practising my talk later this week after I've finished writing it. Just need to write a little bit how cholesterol causes strokes and I'm done. I've decided to talk as though I'm chatting to the audience and see how that goes.

Will let you know when I hear from Pegasus about Allie, so watch this space...

Back to work now.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Book Launch

I had my book launch yesterday and it was very successful. I got to the pub very early so had plenty of time to put up all my posters around the place and then had lunch with my mum and friend Heather. Then at 1pm my guests started arriving. I was pleased to see my work colleague Cathy arrive as she'd been ill all week with the flu, and then all the other guests arrived including someone else from work and another romance writer whom I didn't expect, so was a nice surprise. We had lots of chatting going on and I did my socialising bit, then at 2pm I did my book reading. I was very nervous about it but once I got talking I seemed to get into it and had a round of applause at the end. Mum did say that I spoke too fast and I know I did in places, nerves you see. It was a practice run for the talk later this month. That's my mum with me behind the table I did my talk from and sold my books at. I got a few tips from fellow romance author Jean Fullerton about selling my books on Amazon and who told me what photos I need for my website. Thanks Jean. I managed to sell 12 books, which was to nearly all my guests and I thank everyone for buying one and making me some money. I hope that all had a great time and enjoyed it as much as I did. Pleased I did the launch after all the organising and nerves that went into it. What was also a nice and unexpected surprise was that 2 of my work colleagues brought me bouquets of flowers (seen her in vases). They are all sorts of daisy type flowers which I love. Because of having so much to take home with me yesterday, my uncle who came offered to go home early, get his car, come back and drive us home. I took up his offer. We were going for a meal afterwards but Mum was tired and I'd had enough so with 1 and 1/3 boxes of books left, my backpack, suitcase and the 2 bouquets of flowers, we had too much to carry so we were driven home. Thank you uncle Mike, it was much appreciated. All in all a successful afternoon albeit the manager giving us the bill at the end which we had to pay there and then. I will sort it out tomorrow with Pegasus to see if I can get reimbursed. A great time I had and pleased I did it. Now for the talk later this month...

Monday, 1 June 2009


Well, I went promoting again on Saturday. I went to another local library and the main librarian there was very helpful. She took some of my promotional materials and said she'll display them to promote the book and try to get children to want to read it so they can stock it. She also gave me the name and phone number of the Head of the Children's Libraries in my borough and I will phone her later this week. The librarian said they she'd be able to help me promote the book and possibly open other doors for me too. She also asked me if I'd be interested in talking to a small reader's group in the future and I said yes and gave her my business card. So watch this space...

Meantime I am getting excited and busy preparing for my launch on Saturday.

Back to work now.