Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Green Parenting Show and letters

I went to a small show called the Green Parenting Show in Dulwich, se London last Saturday. Wasn't sure what I was really expecting but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I was thinking about a mini Vitality Show of different companies with their different green and organic products but it turned out to be local companies with their products mainly aimed at young mothers and their children (not my mum and I). I suppose it was quite encouraging to see local people using and buying organic stuff, as it is good for the own health as well as their children. I did see there a team from So Organic shop and had a little chat with them, and mum showed them my letter in the newconsumer magazine (mention more later), and they were enthusiastic about it, and the man (owner's husband) told me that they are planning to do an on line newsletter where people could blog and contribute. I sounded pleased, as it could be a springboard for me and my passions. One thing we did buy there and that was slices of organic home made cake, which didn't have milk, soya or egg in. We had chocolate, lemon and pumpkin seed and ginger and they were all nice. We filled in a feedback form and got a goody bag which had eco washing powder in, cereal packs, cereal bars and fairtrade teabags in, all which have either been eaten already or will be put to use soon.

I mentioned letters. Well June was a good month for me and letters. I had one published in Writers News, one in Healthy and Organic Living and one newconsumer magazine. The one in newconsumer was all about converting my dad to using organics but that is no longer true as he has suddenly changed his mind and told my mum in no uncertain terms that he doesn't like them and doesn't want them. That was that convert turned, and I don't know why. That is all I will say on the matter because he has upset me about it after I gave them to him for Father's Day.

The next time I will be here I should be blogging about the RNA Conference this coming weekend.

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