Thursday, 24 July 2008

Chapter 2 is finished!

I have just finished writing Chapter 2 of Allie. It has taken less time that I thought it would because it is very quiet here at work with most of the students either on their summer holidays or away abroad as part of their course, and yesterday and today I have been on my own because my supervisor is off sick and not giving me back letters I have given her to check and sign. So being on my own in the quiet has proven useful to me. I have also been typing Chapter 2 up then saving it on a disc, as the work has slowed down here now, until my supervisor is back tomorrow (I hope). I was thinking of starting Chapter 3 next week but if it's quiet again tomorrow then I might start work on it then as I know how it will start.

Also this morning I got some information for an article I want to send to an organic magazine I regularly read. I just needed addresses and websites to put on it which I managed to find and wrote them down, so I can complete it at the weekend and send off, with my photo, next week.

Well, this is all for now. Must look like I'm doing some proper work.

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