Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Allie - Chapter 2

Well, have nearly finished Chapter 2. Allie is getting even more suspicious of her head, Mrs Zabberwol, sure that she has powers of sense of nearness. Allie is starting to get her team of helpers now, with one girl who throws cans etc away and one who throws paper away. There will come helpers who waste water and electricity, food and its packaging, plus Rosie and a couple of others from Rosie's team. I mentioned before that there will be a twist in this book, with enemies. I have already created one enemy from one of her teachers, but will create one that comes from outside and nothing to do with the school, might be one of the school girls who is new. I am debating in book 3 whether to include another enemy from outside and mention he is an enemy from the previous head's reign, who I am thinking of making the person in charge of another series I have in mind. I am quite excited about this idea.

Well, must get on with some work. Have a bbg here at work to go to shortly and looking forward to that. Have never had bbq food before, and am wary of it in case it's not cooked properly. I don't want food poisoning tomorrow. I shall live.

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