Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Allie - so far

I am now up to a third through Chapter 2 of Allie, and so far I have made her dream of being in a dark room which sucks air out of her, which I made into reality for her during a lesson. She suspects that some of her teachers and the head have powers, especially now that I have given her one of her own, and she also suspects that her best mate Rosie knows what is happening to her and why. By the end of the chapter I think I will give her another magical power that can help the school, and more by the end of the book. I have decided that for the next few chapters, Allie will have a dream to warn her of what is about to happen so she can figure what she has to do to solve the problem. I am having fun writing this book, like I did Rosie, making up all these powers and magic for my girls. I didn't do any writing today because I didn't feel like it but will get back to Chapter 2 tomorrow for some more fun with Allie.

Well, must get back to work now.

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