Saturday, 26 July 2008

A tasty surprise

You remember that I said I'd won a prize of some organic wine for my star letter in Healthy and Organic Living mag? Well, I was wrong. I didn't win that prize at all but I organic hamper bag full of tasty goodies.
I got home on Thursday to my mum saying that I'd received a parcel which had intrigued her all afternoon. Anyway, I opened it to find the organic hamper bag, which contained poppy seed dressing, honey, Fairtrade tea, crystallized seville orange slices dipped in dark choc (I thought it was dark kirsch cherries but have just found out differently), cider mustard, giant milk choc buttons and clotted cream fudge. The milk choc buttons my mum and I ate that night and were very tasty, the mustard and fudge I gave to our next door neighbours, and the dark seville slices, well, that are more than tasty. It was a much better prize for me than I thought, and to prove I did get it, here is a picture of some of the goodies and its bag.

Don't you think they look tasty? The dark seville slices are the ones in the black and orange tub at the front next to the honey. I didn't put them at the front like that on purpose, honestly.

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