Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Chapter 2 is typed up

I have now typed up Chapter 2 (finished at work on floppy) and copied it over to the proper document at home. I did a word count and it already comes to 11,500 words, a bit too much I think so far. I feel that Chapter 2 is too long, so might divide it into 2 chapters - morning and afternoon once I've done the whole book. I have already started writing Chapter 3. Most of what happens to Allie depends on what lessons she has that particular day, and I thought yes let her learn that in English and that in Citizenship. To be sure that I was teaching her the right lessons, I have searched on the net for the national curriculum and hey, what I thought to teach her is about right for her year, so will go ahead and put it in the book. She has one member of her team at home so far, and will have 4 more I think to help, plus one at school. Things are about to get tougher for her in this chapter, to come to a climax in Chapter 4 when realisation what is happening dawns on her and she confronts Mrs Zabberwol. I can't wait to write this. I have decided that after writing this one, I will in fact finish the set and write the 3rd book which is Georgia's story. Then I will rewrite Forgotten Memories as a RS and try to target an e publisher.

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