Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Conference - Friday

Well, Angela and I got to Chichester in time. The first talk was just a welcome, then we had Celebrations, clapping anyone who was mentioned who'd had a book accepted/deal done, and then it was the author panel. They talked about why they write what they do and how they got to do it, what they would like to write other than what they currently write, what they thought the next trend in their sub genre was. It was interesting to hear why they write what they do. I agreed with Cat Marsters who said that she writes paranormal contemporary cos she doesn't want to do the research, and I feel the same, and Anna Jacobs bemused me when she said that she resented having to sleep 8 hours, she just wants to write. That is one dedicated writer. I love my writing too but I also need my sleep. After that it was time to relax in your room or go to the bar and I chose to rest in my room but couldn't rest that much and ended up getting up and doing bits and pieces. 7pm was dinner and I wasn't that impressed with my non dairy alternative of savoury mince and white rice. The mince was okay apart from the mushrooms which I took out, but I don't usually eat white rice cos of it being simple carbs and the fact that white rice has a certain affect on me, which it did that night, thankfully whilst I was in my room. I didn't sleep that well either. I woke up in the early hours and stayed awake for a couple of hours, and I think read a bit, ate a bit etc before I went to sleep again.

I was tired the next morning and it affected me badly as I will tell you next time, once I have my notes on me.

Must get on with some more work now.

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