Thursday, 26 June 2008

Comments and Allie

I've just been checking my blog and I've got comments for the last 2 entries. I am excited because they are from people I know and are the first ones here for me. How sad am I, eh?

I started writing Chapter 1 of my second children's book Allie today and am very excited about writing it. This one is all about helping the environment, another of my passions so hopefully I shall enjoy working on this one as I did Rosie, and it will show in the finished project. I have already written a brief chapter summary so will work with that as I go along but probably end up jotting notes down as I write the book. Can't wait. I was actually meant to start writing it yesterday but ended up not because I was at home after yet another bad night (even worse than before) and was extremely tired. But happy to say I'm now on track. So if (a big IF) I get good news with Rosie I can say that I am working on my second book in the series I have in mind. Fingers crossed. I have received a lot of well wishes for my news on Rosie (I put a message on all 3 loops I belong to) and have been very sad in that I have cut and pasted them all onto word to put in my novel folder at home.

Well, must look like I am working. See you soon, and thank you all who have commented here so far.

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