Monday, 7 July 2008

Conference News

Well, I am now back from the RNA Conference and am pleased I have today off work. I will blog later about everything I did at the conference but for now I just want to tell everyone my news from yesterday. The last talk I went to yesterday was by an agent who mentioned she also represented children's writers. I took note of this, in capitals, and thought I'd write to her later on about Rosie. But then came lunch and who should end up sitting next to me...yes, the agent. During lunch I heard another writer say that she pitched to the agent and I decided that I would have a go. So just before everyone left to go home or leave for the afternoon talk I plucked up courage and pitched Rosie to this agent, and guess what, she invited me to send in a partial to her to have a look at. Was I excited and on a high. I still can't believe I did that. So that is what I plan to do today. Get the partial ready to send off to her this week.

As if I wasn't already on a high, when I got home yesterday in the post was the latest issue of Healthy and Organic Living magazine and guess who's letter was the star letter. Yes, mine! I win a prize of some organic wines, which due to taking medication, neither my mum nor I can drink them, so will be saving some for my brother and giving one to next door, showing them the letter at the same time. The prize is worth £35 and I can't believe it. The letter was all about my feelings on fluoride after reading their truth about it article and then going to the dentist. What an end to the week.

Well, that's my exciting news for now. Back to work tomorrow.


Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations, Julie! It's really hard to actually pitch a book, so well done.

Mickmouse said...

Wow you are courageous, I can imagine getting all tongue tied trying to pitch a book over lunch. Well done

Phillipa said...

Well done Julie on pitching your book. Sorry I could not be at the conference.

Julie Day said...

Thank you all for you well wishes. I can tell you that my heart was beating like anything before I did the pitch and I just thought it's now or never and went and did it. Still can't believe I did it. I sent the partial off to the agent yesterday.

Jackie Marchant said...

Well done with the agent - let's hope it's good news