Sunday, 3 August 2008

Allie and her dreams

You remember I said that for the first few chapters Allie was going to have dream which would forewarn her about the day ahead's events. Well, I thought I would share something with you. A few weeks ago I bought a new bed and with it came a free sleeping kit which included a book about understanding dreams. I browsed through it and was amazed that the first dream I gave Allie matched what she is about to feel. Her first dream is all about mess sticking to the walls outside making her find it difficult to breathe and she needs air. The book says this about air 'To be aware of air in a dream means freedom at last. It also offers inspirational ideas to solve problems.' How about that for coincidence. She does feel freedom at what she should do and the dream offers her ideas to solve the day's problems. Her 2nd dream is all about darkness when there is no electricity. The book says that darkness can represent that you are being kept in the proverbial dark about something, which is certainly true for Allie. For electricity the books says be aware of those around you who could make sparks fly, which Allie is finding with some of her teachers. And for the 2nd part of the dream about water, the book says that it symbolises the unconscious self. Heartfelt emotions and feelings which run deepare expressed through this element. And I think that is what I am giving Allie, feelings about her self. It all reads rather coincidental to me and rather weird. I shall have to read up what it says about food and waste, which is the theme of the next chapter I have to write.

Well, this is all for now. I am going to print out a letter and article for a magazine in the hope they like it.

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