Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mixed success

My writing has so far had mixed success. I got a rejection for my short story for an anthology because there was inconsistencies in it and it was too near the deadline for revisions, I also had another short story rejected from a magazine competition today. But then I got a letter in Writing Magazine about how the RNA is helping me. Then yesterday, I got a mini bank statement out and found that there had been a lot of money gone into my account. The only thing that I could think it was was the ALCS payment and I was right. I checked my statement on line today and there it was. Woo hoo. That amount has paid for everything that I've paid out for so far this year, which is great.

Today I emailed Checkmate to another publisher and emailed a letter to a weekly magazine. Now all I have to do is wait again and check next week's magazine.

Well, this is my news for today. Be back later in the work about my recycling blues.

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