Monday, 15 March 2010

Writing to date

I am still writing letters to magazines. I sent 2 to one magazine last week and wait to know if I am successful.

Meanwhile I am working hard on revisions to Allie and am now down to just over 38,000 words so quite a way to go still. Might do it, I am determined to get there. Be doing chapter 4 today so won't know until next Sunday when I type up the amendments how it is going.

Last Thursday I went to a talk by another children's author who does a lot of school visits and he gave a talk about it and what he does and how he prepares for them. He said that it is a good idea to stress what time you want to start and make it a time that is comfortable for you. One thing that does bother him is when teachers are in the room with him but aren't listening to him so don't know what he is doing with the children. It is why I have put on my preparation notes that staff must be in the room with me and take charge if anyone causes trouble. It was very useful and enlightening. Well worth going for.

Must get back to work now.

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