Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Latest on Me

I mentioned recycling blues before and what I meant was that I have found out that my local council only recycle plastic bottles and no other plastics. I had been putting fruit punnets and houmous pots in it which now means that I probably contaminated a whole load of stuff that could be recycled. I was feeling down that I had to throw away lots of recycleables but have now come up with an idea how to get round it - take the plastics to work with me. It does mean a bit of a carry but as long as it gets recycled I don't mind.

Health - I had the hospital appointment this week and it was as I expected. It's my liver that's causing problems. It is inflamed and is called drug-induced hepatitis, prob caused by one of my tablets. I am being referred to a liver specialist to see what they can do for me, it might be the case of having to have a biopsy to see if it is definitely the tablet. We shall see. They also are writing to my endocrinologist to get my appointment with them brought forward to maybe change the tablet.

Writing - good news this time. I have had a letter in the latest issue of Writing Magazine and Sainsbury's magazine. I registered my star letter with the ALCS today and will do the others prob next week. Meantime, I emailed my local paper about recycling today. Also, have now revised Allie so there are fewer chapters and it is now at 38,911. I aim to get to 30,000. More revising this coming week but during lunch times as I will be back at work then.

Be back during the week.


Nell Dixon said...

Big hugs on the health issues - hope that gets sorted out soon. Our council is rubbish at recycling as well - they just do newspapers and tin cans.

Julie Day said...

Blimey, sounds as though your council is worse than mine. Get on to them to sort it out if I were you. We need to do something to get the planet back on track.

I too hope that my health is sorted out. I can't help thinking that once my medication is changed then it will. Let's hope. Waiting to hear from dr.