Sunday, 28 March 2010

Allie update

I typed up all the revisions on Allie yesterday and now the word count is down to 34,758. I feel that I am now getting there and all it needs is a good push. I have come up with an idea how I can get it down even more, by making the story simpler and have one thing happening to Allie each morning and afternoon. We shall see how that works out. Have the last chapter to do tomorrow, then back to the beginning again.

Also, I have emailed a letter to Writer's Forum and will wait and see if that gets published or not later this year. I have rewritten a short story for a writing for children competition and another for a magazine, which had been rejected for an anthology recently. I took on board the comments I got from that and revised it accordingly. We shall wait and see what happens with that. Both deadlines are for mid April, so I have to get cracking. Thankfully it's Easter next weekend and I have a few more days to write.

Well, this is all for now. Back later in the week with more writing and recycling news.

See you then.

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