Thursday, 18 March 2010

Another success

Last night I got home to find the local paper, Lewisham Newsshopper, open on my chair. I had written a letter to them about the council getting a move on to recycle more plastics, and there it was on the letters page. Mum said, "I read it and thought, Julie writes something like that" and there was my name. I don't get paid in any way for it, it is just seeing my name in print and getting my views heard. If you've read a last entry here, I mentioned that my council only recycles plastic bottles. I now bring other plastics to work to recycle as we can recycle plastics with 1-6 on. At least that's something. I am doing my best to reduce my waste at home.

Meantime, I have revised Chapters 4-6 of Allie and will be typing those up on Sunday. I am out at an RNA chapter meeting on Saturday listening to a crime writer talk.

Tomorrow I am on leave. Mum and I are off to the Vitality Show again. I can't wait. This year I have decided to take some business cards with me, as you never know who I might get to speak to. There is one talk I want to listen to and it's about using beauty products, naturally.

Back to work now.

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