Tuesday, 23 March 2010


As most of you who read this know, I am a very keen recycler. Well, thanks to a great website I have discovered called www.myzerowaste.com, I have found more to recycle. There are certain foods that come in plastic bags/wrappings that have on it 'recycle at larger Sainsburys'' and I have found that I can do exactly that at my local branch as they have a plastic bag bank, so next time I go there I will take these bags with me. Another thing I can get rid of is dirty tissues (I know not a nice subject). I can now compost these. I don't do too many because I use a lot at the moment with pollen rising around me. Another great thing to recycle, even though I don't have them often, is crisp packets. I have found a charity that collects them, based in Southampton, who will then send them on to the Phillipines, who recycles them into handbags and purses, for free. So I have started collecting packets at work and will send them off as soon as I have enough. I have one at home, which I will eat next week. This is all part of the 8 week rubbish diet I am trying to do, which I got from the zero waste website. The less that goes to landfill, the slower they will fill up.

If you want to know where you can send the crisp bags, then contact me and I will give you the address.

Back to work now.

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