Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Good news!

I haven't got inflammation of the liver. I saw my consultant yesterday and he was very doubtful about the previous scan results. He said that scans aren't a good way to find out if there is anything wrong with the liver as they are hit and miss and blood tests are better, and my test results were all normal apart from one thing, which meant it was OK. He said that he was doubtful the tablet was causing me any harm after all this time, even if it can happen. I then went to have another scan and it showed that my liver was fine, no inflammation whatsoever. So I left a very happy bunny but confused.

I received my prize for my star letter last week. It wasn't all that I expected. It was meant to be all Manuka Honey products but due to being v popular some of the items were out of stock, so I got some honey, some lavender, some tea tree and one pomegranate. I will use all of them anyway.

I have now managed to get Allie down to just under 34,000 words. Am working hard to get it down to 30,000 and determined to do so.

Back to work now.


Nell Dixon said...

Good news on your test results. Glad they were good.

Julie Day said...

So am I Nell. Still don't know what causes the tiredness I get but see if I can find out for myself.