Monday, 3 August 2009

A new week

I had a lovely meal out with my friend Heather on Friday and also a lovely chat. I had chicken fried noodles with some stir fried beansprouts, which filled me up, but enough to have a banana for dessert. I paid for both of us and Heather said next time she will pay.

Saturday Mum and I went to a local show room held by the company that might become our landlord next year. The kitchens were nice and we decided what colours we'd like but will go back there again to check. We do need new cabinets as the worktops are all bubbled up from putting hot pans on them and new lino because our floorboards are up and down. We shall see. In the afternoon I typed the amendments to Checkmate and it's now just over 42,000 words. Not quite enough as I am aiming for People's Friend Pocket Novel and they require 50,000. Did some additions to Chapter 1 today so might reach 43,000 next time.

Sunday - not a lot. Had a chat with my brother on the phone who said it sounded like I need a new mobile - it's playing up and I can't make calls to home. I started to do Pilates but my stomach went funny again so that was cut short, then I did some writing. Additions to my healthy eating talk and wrote chapter summaries for Georgina for the Fantasy workshop I'm going to in September. Made me think where I want the book to go to and how to get to its climax.

Well, must get on with some work, I think some filing.

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