Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Book ideas

I got this idea for a children's book last night watching a great TV programme. It was called How the Other Half Live and is about one family who is wealthy sponsoring another family who live in poverty. The one I watched the poor family were really poor. They lived in a flat, had no table and chairs so had to eat their meals sitting on the floor, the middle daughter's bed was broken and she slept on the mattress and they couldn't afford to buy a new one and the eldest daugther kept her clothes in a box and suitcase as her mother couldn't afford drawers. The wealthy family donated money to the poor family to pay off their debts and buy various things for the family, as well as helping the mother get her life back on track. It was really moving as the mother and eldest daughter were often in tears at the generosity of the other family, whom they met. As I said it gave me an idea for a book which I have yet to write down in the little pad at home.

Meantime, I have found a couple of publishers who publish anthologies and am v interested in sending them stories. I have already sent one story for a children's anthology, which has the deadline of November. So watch this space.

Nearly home time now and can't wait. Very quiet here at work and have got lots of filing done.

Oh yes, you should see a small change to the blog. I managed to put a photo of me on there for all to see. It's one that was done by the local paper photographer.

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