Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Romance and passion

If you like a lot of romance and passion, esp the forbidden kind, then one thing I recommend watching is the old mini-series The Thornbirds. It was first on TV in 1983 and my mum recently bought the DVD of it and we have been watching it the last few weeks. Richard Chamberlain played priest Ralph De Briccasart and Rachel Ward played the adult Meggie Cleary. It spans over decades as she grows up and he goes up in the church yet they desire and love each other but can't have each other due to him being who he is. It is a great TV watch and I am loving watching it again. The music is great too and quite catchy as I keep humming it to myself. Or if you prefer books to watching, then there is the book, which my mum read a while ago. I didn't read it as I had too much to read at the time, and am pleased because I can watch the programme not knowing what is going to happen. We will be watching the last episode on Saturday night. I can't wait to see what happens.

It is well worth either reading or watching.


Nell Dixon said...

Ooh, I remember the Thornbirds! I always loved Poldark too, I have the set of the books.

Julie Day said...

I didn't watch Poldark but did the Thornbirds at the time, because I remember I nicknamed Father De Bricassart as Father de Bric a Brac. It says on the back of the DVD cover that it remains one of the most beloved mini series, and now watching it again, I can see why.