Friday, 21 August 2009

New ventures

I have decided to start a new venture - school visits to promote Rosie. So, whilst it's been so quiet here at work I have been emailing some local primary schools with my new flyer asking if they'd be interested in a local author visiting their school to talk about writing and my book. I have so far emailed 19 schools and got one reply, which I am excited about. They said it was something that could be interesting but it depends on the cost. I am waiting to hear if they can afford a session by me and will let here now. It's like everything else these days, there is a budget and a limit to funds. We shall see. I have had to think about what I can do at schools apart from talking about my writing and how I wrote Rosie, and have come up with a couple of mini workshops based on aspects of Rosie, namely eating healthily and magic. I will probably read Rosie again briefly to see if there are other workshops I can make out of the story, there probably are, so lots of thinking ahead. Might start drafting out a talk at the weekend.

Meantime, I am also busy writing Chapter 4 of Georgina, and have registered with a Children's book website called Jacketflap. All's on there at the moment is my photo and a bit about me. I can add a link to my blog and my published book. Have to have another look at it to see what else I can do on it.

Must get on and look as though I am working.

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