Monday, 17 August 2009

Word counts

I managed to type up the revisions for Checkmate on Saturday and it's now gone up to just over 43,000 words. Slowly but surely it's rising, whether to what it should be I don't know, we shall have to wait and see. Have things to put in about the hero's background so that might add it up a bit. Also, copied over from disc to pc what I'd typed so far of Georgina and that is now 9,195 words, and that's half way through Chapter 3 of it.

I did a bit of finding out last week about CRB checks. Lots of people have told me I need one to visit schools so I phoned the CRB, who told me I had to, then the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) who told me the same, and who then referred me to my local council, who again told me I did need one. They eventually told me that if a school accepts me for a visit, and being a local author I should get some interest, then they know about CRB and should be the people who apply for me. So, if and when I get a yes to a visit after I have contacted schools, I might ask them if they do that. I have added my name and details to another writers search website, but this one is for more countrywide than London. We shall see what happens. I have already had a writer's group in Norwich become interested in me but their programme for 2009/10 is full so will hear again after that.

I didn't do much yesterday as I was really tired after a bad night. The only writing thing I did was finished rewriting the short story for a competition. Now I have to type that up to see if it comes within the word count limit.

Well, must get on with some work.

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