Friday, 14 August 2009

It's Quiet!

It is so so quiet here at work. There are hardly any students about as they are either now on their holidays or doing exams then on their holidays. All I have to do here is filing, which I will do later. I have been typing up Chapter 3 of Georgina, and also started drafting out what is going to happen in the second half of the book. It gets really bad for Georgina and her team of helpers and friends and she has to rely on their own powers and knowledge to beat the enemy this time. Can't wait to write it.

Weekend I will be typing up revisions for Checkmate and a short story for a competition. Oh am off to a library tomorrow to drop off Rosie and some promo material to the Head of Children's Development there. Spoke to her on the phone on Monday and she said to send her a copy and she will see what she can do about it. Another wait.

I have decided that when the new school term starts I will phone and email several local primary schools with a flyer I have designed advertising my services for talks. In this current credit crisis, although I have seen headlines saying the worst is over, I don't know what sort of response I will get. We will see. Will let you know here. My local borough have said that if there are any more author events they have my details to contact me on. Also spoke to a librarian who was really nice about primary schools and she said to phone her in October about reading groups. I thought that could be another promo opportunity for me, after going to one back in June. I don't get paid for it but I will get PLR from readers reading my book.

Well, must get on with looking like I'm doing some work.

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