Monday, 10 August 2009

Writing update

I typed up the revisions to Checkmate on Saturday and now it's 42,370 words long but still not long enough for People's Friend. Have a lot of work to do on it. Will be reading through Chapter3 and 4 today/tomorrow. I also worked on rewriting a short story for a competition and will get to finish that next weekend. Have also emailed another adult short story for an anthology but won't hear back about that until after October as that's when the deadline is.

I am still trying to promote Rosie. Have just phoned Head of Children's libraries in Bromley and will pop in a copy of the book to the library for her perusal on Saturday. Have decided that I would like to do school visits to primary schools only when the next term starts.

My website has a new look to it, thanks to John Hocking and it looks very summery and contemporary now. So take a glance and see what you think. The page about me giving talks at schools is going to be changed so that it reads I will charge certain expenses, and it's not free.

Must get on with some work now.

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