Friday, 3 April 2009

Book cover for Rosie

I got an exciting email on Tuesday. Pegasus emailed me with the proof cover of Rosie and wanted me to check it. I did. The whole picture was what I asked for - Rosie in front of her school with the can of pop, crisps and burger below, but they put Rosie as having long dark straight hair and I envisioned her like me with short dark curly hair. I asked for this but they replied saying that they didn't think that it was up to date and wouldn't help sales, oh this was after they slightly amended the cover giving her shorter wavy hair. So I agreed and guess what - they replied saying brilliant, bang on target for May. May! Next month! Eek. Excitement and nerves stepping in here. For those of you who want to see the cover I will try to put it on my website this weekend under 'My Books.' Meantime I am busy thinking up a competition to put on my website for its release, which if I get to do book signings I will take slips to give out for it. Anything to up the sales of Rosie.

Meantime I am busy still on Allie, and now have to reenvision her as I'd thought of her like what they've put Rosie as. I might give her shoulder length blonde hair instead of dark.

Well, must get back to work now.

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