Thursday, 9 April 2009

Success at last

I've finally managed to do it - put the cover of Rosie on my website. I emailed the web masters asking what I could be doing wrong and they replied I should save pictures as jpeg. So today I scanned the picture again but saving it as jpeg, then added it then put it in, and it's now there for you all to see. Isn't it great? I just love it as it's the way I pictured it with Rosie in her uniform in front of school with the junk food below. I am so happy now. I will put the blurb on over Easter.

I still can't access my site on my home pc and will talk it over with my brother tonight to see what can be done about it. If I can't get a result then I will have to install the Kodak software onto my laptop and transfer all photos on there in future. Will let you know what happens. Meantime I am one happy bunny with a cold.

The other good thing that I happened to do is find the DVD of the Pilates video my mum and I had been doing until our VCR packed up. I found it on WHS site and have ordered it so now we can go back to what he had been doing properly. It wasn't the same doing it on our own with other music. I do prefer to go with a proper instructor. Shall tell Mum tonight and she will be happy too.

Must get on with work now.

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