Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A frustrating day

Today has been really frustrating for me. First, I tried to put the picture of the Rosie cover onto my website but no matter how much I try I can't do it. I put the photo of it on my pc at home but I now can't access my website on it due to the problem before. I think it was because I have an old hard drive and it crashed as I can access the website on other computers. There are possible solutions such as getting a new updated hard drive and installing the photo software on to my laptop. The second thing that went wrong is that a stationery order my colleague placed last week before she went on leave has gone missing and I can't track it down. Will probably have to order it again. Then the water company delivered our water but put the bottles that had to go in our main office next door on the floor by us so we had to get a male member of staff to do the job. Next time will check where they are put before signing. The last thing that went wrong was what I did the other day. I've been wearing a pedometer again and this afternoon as I leant to the side to do something I accidentally knocked it and cleared how many steps I'd done to that point. I think I have a rough guess, we shall have to see. I am going to go by what I usually do on a normal day, which is just over 7,000.

I am going to try to put the book cover picture on my site over Easter one way or the other. My problem is that I get impatient when I can't do a thing I want to do straight away when I want to do it. Have to learn to accept I can't do it right now.

Not long to go now before home, then one more day and I'm off for 5 days, having got next Tuesday off. So plan to do lots of work on Allie, esp finishing this current draft and starting the next and hopefully the final one.

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