Tuesday, 21 April 2009

More excitement

Last Friday I received a registration form from my publisher, Pegasus, for PLR (Public Lending Right) which really excited me. One of those things to me that proves I am now an 'author'. I have filled that in and it's gone recorded delivery today. I shall now have to register Rosie with the ALCS.

Another exciting thing happened. I keep forgetting I have a webmail account and have started checking it daily now. I was checking it yesterday and came across an email from the Assistant Editor of the web magazine 'Words and Pictures' which is run by the British SCBWI. She wanted to know if I would like to be included in the Members Accolades in the next issue. I repliled I'd be delighted too and have just emailed her the cover of Rosie to include in it. I am so excited. Fame at last, sort of. I will, of course, keep the page with me mentioned on it when it comes out and can't wait to read it.

I am still working hard on Allie, on what I hope to be the final draft. After this one, I intend to read every chapter again and then send it to Pegasus, in the hope they like that one too and accept it. Fingers crossed.

Must get on with some work now.

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