Thursday, 16 April 2009

More foods

I am still trying different foods with this new eating regime. I have tried falafel again, and this time it tasted more moist and agreed with me. I've tried blackberry jam, and both my mum and I agreed that it didnt' smell or taste anything like the blackberry we remember. To me it didn't smell or taste of anything. Tried Linda McCartney's veggie sausages which were really nice and will have again. Next to try is damson jam. I like plums so I should like that. There is one drawback in all this though. Having cut out a lot of things, I have now discovered that one more food disagrees with me - onions. Too much onion makes me go to the loo too much (sorry prob tmi) so I have to cut those out for a while. I asked the nutritionist last week in my follow up chat to her about it, and she said that some people with digestive problems can have trouble with onions. I don't have that many onions but will cut them out for a while.

Must get on with work. See you soon - hopefully with news of my book launch.

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