Tuesday, 14 April 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

If you haven't watched the above film, I suggest you do. My mum and I watched it at the weekend and it certainly made me rethink about what we are doing to our planet. It was very interesting and very scary to watch. It told us that our C02 emissions have been going up every year since the 70s and within 50 years from now will go sky high. Parts of the Antartic and Greenland are already melting because of this and if Greenland melts much more then it could cause a major catastrophe in that the ice that melts will raise sea levels so high that it could flood and obliterate parts of the US and other countries. Already US and other countries that don't normally get floods have done so eg Hurricane Katrina and India. Also, if the temperatures get higher then we could be at risk from infectious diseases such as avian flu, which has already come over to this country, and infected by tropical insects. US have already had a battle with the pan beetle which destroyed tons of trees. And instead various birds and animals can become extinct. For instance, polar bears could die out due to their ice habitat melting and can't find homes, so end up swimming miles and possibly drowning to find another home, and I recently read the robins could die out due to the warmer weather appearing before time, so their newborns don't get the food on time to survive.

The thing that causes the most CO2 emissions is transport, noticeably cars. I am not going to preach or nag (although the above might seem like it) but please please if you use your car a lot, rethink about how you can use it less. Perhaps car share with neighbours/friends, use public transport more, don't use the car for very short journeys when you can walk or get a bus. I don't use my car very much, only when I really need it, like the weekly shop to Sainsbury's where buses don't go and it's too far to walk back with 5-6 heavy bags.

We only have one planet. If not for yourself, but for your children and grandchildren etc, please think about what we are doing. This is why I have written Allie, which is all about helping the environment and the little things we can do that can help.

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