Friday, 22 August 2008

Chapter 4 is finished

I have just finished writing Chapter 4 of Allie, and made it an interesting day for her. As well as giving her a new helper, she had to cope with another teacher being manipulated by her unknown enemy, which made the Head decide to hold a power meeting between her teachers, so she now has teachers on her side. She has just worked out who her mystery emailer is and has vowed to beat her new enemy come what may. Oh yes, and to get the school involved in her campaign to help the enviroment she has planned a food swapping scheme and 2 competitions, which she will announce to everyone in Chapter 5. I am enjoying writing this book very much but realise I will have to tighten some of it up as Chapters 2 - 4 are over 20 pages long each and that is too long for one chapter and teen's to read, if I want to keep them reading the book. I also think I can make it more entertaining and have ideas how to put that in when I get round to revising it.

Watch this space.

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