Saturday, 16 August 2008

My good news

Yesterday I put a message up on all 3 email writer’s loops I belong to about my good news regarding accepting a publisher’s agreement, and made the mistake of revealing that I had agreed to pay them. I got a backlash of replies to this and this is my response.


I appreciate your concern about my message that I’ve agreed to pay the publisher and understand that you might have thought I didn’t know what I was getting into. I can assure you that I do know and have put a lot of thought into it (esp at 2.45am Wednesday morning). I did seriously think about the money side of it and I know that I shouldn’t have to pay to get my book published but I feel that, as the person I am it’s the way forward for me. I did win some money on the lottery in June, and I work full-time, am still at home, don’t drink or smoke and don’t go out that much. My only vice being is buying books and more books, and if I was someone who had a house and family to support it’d be different but that’s not me.

I can assure you that the publisher is not a vanity publisher, as some of you may have thought and told me, but they are an independent and traditional publisher. To me vanity publishers are people who ask for you to pay and nothing else. They praise your work, don’t ask for edits, don’t register it with anyone and don’t do anything else to help you sell it and you don’t get royalties, but this publisher has asked for revisions, and have said in their letter they will print, bind, register, market it and help you promote it and provide royalties. I have asked the editor lots of questions about what they do and am very happy with the answers.

I read everyone’s responses and at first I was angry, then being who I am, got very upset by it all, but know as a writer that I do have to take criticism on the head and people have different opinions. I was upset at first but now all I feel is challenged. In the end, it’s down to me. It’s my money and my decision, and I feel that if it’s what is right for me at this time, which I do, then I might go ahead with it, aware that I don’t have to sign anything yet. I will assure that I have already decided when I get the contract I will read it thoroughly and get it vetted by the Society of Authors for professional advice.
All your responses have made me feel that I want to go ahead and prove to you all that I can do it, be it the wrong way as some of you think.



LynnHC said...

Hi Julie

I saw your post on two lists and just wanted to say how sorry I am you felt hurt. I'm sure that wasn't the intention of anyone writing to you - they just don't want you to get burned. As you know, there are lots of sharks out there! I must say, I have over 230 books published (mainly for kids) and have never had to pay anything towards publication, so I do tend to agree with the folks who posted. Please don't feel that anyone was wanting to belittle your achievements. I hope you feel more positive soon.

Best wishes

Lynn Huggins - Cooper

Anna Lucia said...

Julie, you have to do what you want to do, but please, please, please listen to whatever the SoA say about the contract.

I'm sure everyone has your best interests at heart, but I know it hurts when something threatens to burst your bubble.

Lesley Cookman said...

I didn't respond on-list, but I can assure you that the writers who did only had your best interests at heart. As someone said, we were all unpublished once, and I, for one, seriously thought about the self publishing route, about which no-one complains. It has now become "respectable", as indeed it was a couple of hundred years ago.

No-one was belittling you or trying to hurt you, Julie, quite the reverse. I do hope you don't let this get in the way of the friendship which exists in our organisation, and which has supported me and countless others in all sorts of ways.


Lesley Cookman

Nell said...

(((Julie))) I know you will have thought your descision through carefully. All of us that know you will have no doubt of that. Please don't feel hurt by the expressions of concern and advice that have been offered to you. Personally I feel happier knowing that you have definitely had all the information about this particular publisher and it would be good to know what the Society of Authors advises re your contract. Wishing you lots of sales . Hugs and love, Nell xxx

Alannah said...

Sorry you feel hurt by peoples' comments. As a member of one of the groups you mention I can only say that all the comments were kindly and had your interests at heart. It is a really friendly supportive group. (Wordpool)
All the best for the future.

Julie Day said...

Thank you ladies for all your comments, esp Nell who sent hugs and lots of sales. I shall do my best when the time comes to make that last bit happen. I do know that everyone was well meaning and as my blog says, I am aware of what I am getting myself into.