Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My Nan Ginn

This blog entry is dedicated to my nan Ginn who died on Sunday night. I found out yesterday morning when I went downstairs for breakfast and my mum told me. She shed a few tears saying she had been OK until then, and then I cried a bit over my toast. I couldn't go to work so took the day as compassionate leave. My nan Ginn reached the grand old age of 101 in February this year, so had a good life. She'd been in a home the last few years and the last couple of weeks she was hospitalised as she wasn't eating or drinking and was hanging on to her life. I last saw my nan maybe 4-5 years ago when my aunt, who then lived in Surrey, drove her and my other aunt to see us after seeing my dad. At the time, nan was hard of hearing but could still see and was having trouble walking. My dad cried also yesterday, thankfully he was among other people when he did and not alone. I don't know if I'll be going to the funeral because it's up in Cambridgeshire and will have to rely on my brother to drive us there (I haven't driven long distance in years) and he doesn't know if he'll be allowed the time off. So will have to see. Would like to go though just to say goodbye and see my relatives as it might be the last time I see any of them as they all live far away from me.

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Mickmouse said...

Dear Julie
So sorry for your loss
Thought and prayers with you all