Friday, 8 August 2008

Agent rejection

I got a rejection from the agent I pitched at the conference. I did wonder if I might because the other woman who pitched her just before I did that day also got one. Mine read very similar to hers in that it read she "liked a lot about it but because of the tough market she had to be bowled over to take it on," and she wasn't. Oh well. I am not giving up on Rosie. I am still waiting to hear from the publisher who has the whole ms, and I have the agents party in September so something might happen there, as I am taking the query with me there. Meantime I am working hard on Allie's story and have just finished writing Chapter 3. Chapter 4 is going to be interesting as she will find out why she is being tested and what she has to do to become a fully fledged member of the school, oh and she has another enemy.

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