Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Have you ever felt disspleased with service you've got from staff in a shop but was afraid to complain? Well, if you feel so angry about it then do so, as it might get results. My mum did and this is what happened.
My mum and I usually buy fresh roast turkey from our local Sainsbury's every Sunday and over the last month the deli staff have been coming out to serve customers a few minutes after 11am, when they are meant to start at 11. Anyway, 2 Sundays ago, they outdid themselves and came out at 11.08 and we were served at 11.10. My mum asked the main deli woman why she was out so late and the woman said that she's always out on time and didn't apologise to us. Mum was outraged as she knew that was a lie. So in the end, after we had got home and unpacked, she phoned the store and spoke to the manager and complained about the member of staff. He said he would check the clock in times of all the deli staff and speak to them. It worked. Last Sunday we went to the deli counter at 10.55am and the woman who we complained about was there already and she served a customer at 11am on the dot without a smile. So it must've worked. We shall see if she is on time again this week.

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June said...

Now you just need to work on the smile!
Try being ever so happy and bright and sunny. It drives non-smiling charisma lacking assistants nuts, and with luck, a smile might just be contageous.