Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Well, I received the contract from the publisher a week and a half ago, I then photocopied one and sent it to the Society of Authors for checking. I got an email response the end of last week and it wasn't a good one. Basically, I don't think they like the idea of author funding contracts. Anyway, I phoned the publisher and discussed their response with them and they weren't happy by the sound of it and asked me to email them the Society's email. I did and got a response yesterday which basically said that they didn't like the Society's reply to me and maybe it was best to put my work elsewhere. I wasn't happy about that so phoned the editor up and chatted to him about it and he reassured me that they were happy with me but didn't think I was happy with them. I reassured him it wasn't that but it was all new to me. To cut a long story short the editor told me to seriously think about it and I have and today I will sign the contract and post it to them tomorrow. I am officially now an author!

Meantime I am still hard at work on Allie. Hoping today to finish Chapter 5 so can start no 6 on Friday. I'm on holiday at the moment so have done a routine where I write one day and type it up the next, which I would do if I was a full time writer.

Well, this is my news for now. Off to an agent's party tonight, which I'm looking forward to.

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